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Céleste LH₂ is a project by Vivian y. L. Born in Seattle, WA, United States, they have studied in Michigan, Shanghai, etc. in the past. L. is currently studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths, UoL and based in London. Inspired by their nomadic upbringing and the places they have stayed, various spaces are examined in their research and practice — transitory and perpetual, abject and complicit, virtual and artificial, oneiric and surreal, material and immaterial, personal and collective liminal interspaces. 
L.'s works in moving image, installation, performance, prose, and poetry writing are an inquiry into power dynamics, institutions, intersubjective relations, existence, futurity, and the subtleties of violence. In the conjuration of a mirrored, blended actuality, L. seeks to use language and multimedia to present a study of the phenomena and infrastructural connotations of interspaces and non-places, existence comprised of all things single-serving and serialised, and the contingencies of the embodied in-between in peripatetic contexts.  


Céleste LH₂
b. 1999, Seattle, WA, United States
Based in London, UK

2018-2021 Goldsmiths, University of London BA Fine Art

Exhibitions & Shows
2020  13festivalen 2020 | Konstepidemin
             at Hus 8, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden  |  4 January  
             at Schlachtlaus Club, Tübingen, Germany  |  15 November
2019   Exhibition Mexico | Art Number 23  
             at Ovalo Galeria de Arte, CDMX, Mexico  |  5-20 August 
2019   First Reactions | Group Show and Workshop Events
             at Safehouse, Peckham, London, UK  |  13 June
2019   UAL x GOLD Collective | Group Exhibition 'Exchange' | Co-curated by 
             Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society and The Curation Society UAL 
             at Deptford Does Art gallery, London, UK  |  18-21 April
2019   Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Open Studio Show with Hamburg Exchange
             at Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK  |  21 March
2018   End of Year Show at St. James Annex, New Cross, London, UK  |  14-18 June
2018   Sound and Language Group Exhibition  |  12-23 February
             at Library Special Collections & Archives, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK

2019   Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize | Poetry Age 18-21 Entry Second Place
             for 'complicity_12.3.9.exe'

Publications - Featured Work 
Dec 2019   Lungs Project Poetry Anthology 'New Landscapes'  2019 | 'of  Traversing Interspaces' '∷' 'complicity_12.3.9.exe' '{Singular Deference}' '1, 2, 3, 4 En pointe et pirouette'
Oct 2019   Pressing Matters | Poetry 'Spindrift' 
Sep 2019   Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize Winners' Anthology 2019 | Poetry 'complicity_12.3.9.exe'
Jun 2019   Tangle Magazine Issue 1 | Poetry 'Spindrift'

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