'iris, effervescing.' Pt.I & II
Split screen video projection 
on textile installation, 
fabrics, constructed textiles, metal wires, 
acrylic, wood, 
1920 × 1080, duration 4’29’’
200 cm * 100 cm * 50 cm
November 2017 
The work 'iris, effervescing' ('iris' refers to the coloured, ring-shaped membrane and the colour of the plant Genus Iris) explores how the act of recalling gives rise to the conjuration of a mirrored, blended actuality of realities and dreams, aiming to address the paradox of subjective truth and its multitude from a personal perspective. 
With the split screen depicting seriality and sequence, the work questions the substance of visual perception and how we process information from systematic cycles with space for interpretation. The different elements in connection with each other are the oneiric voices weaving disparate storylines together into a spiritual tapestry. Using imageries of the abstracted and the everyday, the work attempts to evoke the sense of the past, present, and future being entwined in moments of epiphany, the split seconds that are both ephemeral and infinite, constructing an extended, multilayered reality.